Investment Levels

Below are the investment levels based on Business Categories and Employee Size.

General Retail & Service Industry

Independent Associate $75.00 
1-3 Employees $150.00 
4-9 Employees $180.00 
10-24 Employees $270.00 
25-49 Employees $360.00 
50-74 Employees $450.00 
75+ Employees $540.00 

Banking and Financial Institutions

$25.00 per million in deposits (Maximum investment is $1,500 Annually.)


$0.25 per connection in the City of Azle (Minimum investment - $500.00 and maximum investment - $1,500.00 Annually).

Church, Civic Organization, and Non-Profits

$50.00 Annually

Institutions-Hospitals, College/School, City Government and Nursing Homes

$400 Annually


$50.00 annually; individual memberships are available to employees of tax supported entities where the entry is not a member and to employees of a member business if not a designated member.  Individual membership is not available if the individual owns or operates a business in the Azle area.


$25.00 Annually