A Z L E   C H A M B E R

Investment Levels

Below are the investment levels based on Business Categories and Employee Size.

Membership Fees: 

  • 1-3 employees:  $200.00
  • 4-14 Employees:  $230.00
  • 15-24 Employees:  $370.00
  • 25-49 Employees:  $460.00
  • 50-74 Employees:  $550.00
  • 75+ Employees:  $640.00

Independent Business / No Employees:  $125.00

An independent business where the owner is the only representative and has no employees at all. Typically this would include businesses such as Mary Kay Representatives, Single Mobile Notaries, independent realtors, etc.

Churches, Non-Profits, & Civic Organizations:  $100.00

Any Church, Non-Profit organization, and Civic Organization is welcome to apply for membership under this category.

Individual:  $100.00

Individual memberships are available to those that do not own a business or work for a business, but still want to be a part of the chamber. Examples- retired individuals, involved community citizen, etc.

Institutions:  $500.00

Any city, hospital, or school institution.

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