A Z L E   C H A M B E R

History of the Chamber

The Azle Chamber had its inception on February 2, 1959 when a group of local businessmen formed the first ever Board of Directors with Ray Finney acting as moderator. Since a charter was not necessary, it was decided that seven (7) directors would be elected with the directors electing the officers of this group. A motion was made by Charlie Dunlap that the following be elected as directors; Ray Finney, Dan Jarvis, Harry Heflin, Jim Bob Nation, Webber Farris, V.W. Trammell and Sid Dechert. Mr. Heflin declined the nomination due to other civic commitments and duties. Mr. Dunlap then replaced Mr. Heflin's name with Mr. Roy T. Denman. The motion was seconded and carried with no opposition.

At the February 2, 1959 meeting of the Directors of the Azle Chamber of Commerce, the following were elected: President, Ray Finney; 1st Vice President, Roy T. Denman; 2nd Vice President, V.W. Trammell; Secretary & Treasurer.

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